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About Sword

Welcome to the multiplayer mayhem in Sword Use your sharp sword to destroy everything to become stronger. Everyone will be scared when they see you.

Fencing skills

In addition to the basic skills of moving and hiding, fencing skills are the most important skills that you need to practice and develop. Starting the game you will be provided with a sword, this sword can be used to directly destroy opponents or used to shoot like arrows at opponents. When fighting swords, if you don't dodge or don't attack back, your energy bar will be greatly reduced. Try to master sword skills to strategically destroy your opponents.

Avoid enemy attacks

In the game you will have to confront many different opponents and scary animals in the game. Enemies are everywhere, so balance your strength to be able to attack or escape. During battle, observe your opponent's energy bar. If their energy bar turns yellow or red while your energy bar is still full, attack. That's your advantage. Friend. Besides your opponents, you need to pay attention to the animals in the forest, they are very strong and they can attack you at any time.

Attractive playing environment

The game provides you with 3 battle environments on the same map including blue, white and red environments. Each environment corresponds to a different land area, for example, green is the natural environment with rivers, trees and creatures living in the natural environment. In this environment you can easily find opponents and fight with animals to collect more gold coins and grow stronger. In the remaining two environments you will admire the white snow and ice lands and the red volcanic environment, these lands will also bring you interesting experiences. Here we introduce to you the game with colorful playing environment Smash Karts.

Outstanding features in the game

The game is an endless battle that attracts many people, so what makes the game so appealing? That's right, it's thanks to the combination of many of the following characteristics:

  • 2D graphics are extremely beautiful
  • Multiplayer game to participate
  • Unique game mechanics
  • Unlock many treasures
  • Diverse playing environment

How to control

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Click to use the sword
  • Right click to throw the sword