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All about Crab Game

Crab Game is a dramatic game with the participation of many players around the world. In this game, try to survive every time the doll turns its head.

Rules of the game Crab Game

Starting the game you will appear in a game arena with many other players. You will have 3 seconds to prepare before starting the game. This time you will stand with other players near the red line at the end of the playing field. After the 3 seconds countdown all members will start moving towards the strip. There are 60 seconds for you to move from the red line at the end to the red line at the beginning of the field. While moving, the doll will sing a verse from a certain song. After singing, the doll will turn its head and the green light in the corner of the screen will turn red. If you are still moving when the doll turns around and the red light is on you will be shot down immediately. If within the specified time you do not cross the red line at the top of the field you will be shot down immediately.

How to control the character

To control the character you need to use the arrow keys to move the character. Alternatively, you can hold the mouse to make the character move, and release the mouse to make the character stop. Don't go around in circles because it will waste time and you won't reach the finish line on time. The gameplay of the game is similar to Capybara Clicker, you can participate and explore this interesting game.

Shop in Crab Game

A prominent feature in the game is that you can go to the store to upgrade your character. After going through the turns you will accumulate some points, use your points to buy valuable hats for your character. The hats are designed in many fun shapes such as pans, magicians, Santa hats, headphones, cat ears,... When you own these hats they will make them for you. become special among many people present in the game.