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Experience penalty kicks in soccer

Penalty Shooters 2 allows you to become a midfielder and a goalkeeper. You need to score points by kicking the ball into the net and defending your team's goal.

This game does not simulate the entire process of a football match, it is just penalty kicks. You will take on two roles in this game. You will be a penalty kicker and a goalkeeper. When the opponent takes a free kick, you will be the goalkeeper to prevent the opponent's ball from entering the goal. When it is your team's turn to take a penalty kick, you will be the one to take the penalty kick.

Take a penalty kick

You will stand in front of your opponent's goal and take a penalty kick. You will have 5 chances to shoot, so try to shoot at your opponent's goal all 5 times. That way, you have a chance to win. The opponent's goalkeeper will also block your shots. Therefore, you need to choose a shot angle that is difficult to prevent. Thus, the opponent's goalkeeper will not be able to prevent you from scoring. Prove yourself as a great midfielder!

Block your opponent's shot

The two teams will take turns taking penalties and you will now be a goalkeeper. You need to lean and jump to block your opponent's kick. You will see the location where your opponent wants to shoot the ball. You just need to click on those positions to stop your opponents. However, you need to correctly time and distance the ball to avoid slipping. This action requires your agility and good observation skills.

Rules of the game in Penalty Shooters 2

You will participate in different leagues. Your mission is to win cups in these leagues. Of course, this is not easy when you have to face so many strong teams in this game.

Score points to lead the group

You will be in a group and you need to score as many points as possible to lead this group. Each group will have a certain number of teams. The teams with the highest points in the group can continue to advance to the qualifying round. Then you will only have one chance to win. If you lose the qualifying match, you lose the whole league. If you win this round, you continue to the next round. In the next rounds, you can only win straight if you don't want to lose.

Choose team and league

You are allowed to choose the league you want to join. You can even conquer all leagues if you have enough ability. Once you have selected your league, you will choose one of the teams provided. Choose your favorite team to complete your goals in this soccer game! In case you want to experience a puzzle game, Monopoly Go should be your first choice.