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Difficult electrical wiring game

Your task is to lead electricity through the connections in Power Flow. These connections need to be placed in the correct position to complete the task.

Like other puzzle games, the graphics of this game are not too complicated. From there, you don't need to spend much time loading the game. Although the graphics are simple, this game makes many people unable to take their eyes off. Puzzles about the location of the connecting segments will make many players give up. Don't give up because you can succeed after many tries. If you like a relaxing game with realistic graphics, Mahjongg Solitaire fits your requirements. 

Connect two power sources together in Power Flow

On the screen, you will see two power sources in green and red. They need to be connected together through joints.

Place the connecting pieces in the correct position

Each cell will contain a connecting segment that can be straight or perpendicular. Now you will match these connectors together to create a path from the blue power source to the red power source. Some connections have arrows marking the direction in which the current flows. When placing these connectors on squares, you can rotate them in many directions.

Pay attention to the time

You don't have much time to think. Put the connectors in place quickly because you only have 1 minute to complete the task. Besides placing the ramps, you also need to observe the timer on the screen. There is a time limit that makes this game harder than ever. Many professional gamers have given up at later levels.