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Capybara Clicker is an online idle game with exciting upgrades. Click continuously to create an unlimited number of capybaras and unlock weather and skins. Let's play this capybara game now to experience a new clicker game!

A New Clicker Game

This Capybara Clicker game brings players the familiar clicker gameplay with new features. Coming to the game, players will be surprised by the game's fun. Let's learn more about this new game together!

Capybara Clicker Gameplay

Entering this online game, your mission is to click to create a new capybara. Each time you click, you will receive an additional capybara. The faster you click, the larger the number of capybara. In particular, the game does not limit the number of capybara, so players can create an unlimited number. In addition, when you click and fill the energy bar, the number of capybara will be increased by x2.

However, if players just click, it will quickly get boring with this gameplay. Therefore, this Capybara Clicker game offers upgrades, skins, and weather to make the game more interesting. In particular, the clicking process can be automated and generate capybara more efficiently.

This clicker gameplay is extremely familiar to online players. It is simpler than Monopoly Go where you need to compete with other players to collect lands and money. In this idle game, you are the only player and no one competes with you for the capybara.

Some New Features

This Capybara Clicker game leaves a special impression on players thanks to its attractive sounds and effects. The game sound is always vibrant and creates excitement for players while the effects are diverse with each playing period.

In addition, this game is also famous for its variety of skins and weather. You can unlock a lot of different skins for your capybara character. Some designs are impressive with simple items like a red apple or a witch's hat. Every item stands out with capybara. The weather can also change. It can be sunny, rainy, or snowy. You need to unlock these weather effects to experience them.

Finally, upgrades are an indispensable feature of any clicker game and Capybara Clicker is no exception. The number of upgrades is a lot.

All Capybara Clicker Upgrades

All upgrades help you create more capybara. Some outstanding upgrades can be listed below.

  • Auto-click: You can unlock this upgrade easily with 5 capybara initially. This upgrade allows you to create capybaras automatically without clicking. The more you buy, the faster your automatic click rate will be.
  • Capybara Farm: This upgrade adds one farm that produces capybaras every second.
  • Capybara Factory: This upgrade adds one factory that produces capybaras every second.
  • Capybara City: This upgrade adds one city that generates capybaras every second.
  • Capybara Planet: This upgrade adds one planet that generates capybaras every second.
  • Capybara Galaxy: This upgrade adds one galaxy that generates capybaras every second.

There are many other upgrades and each upgrade of Capybara Clicker has a different price. Of course, their effectiveness is also different. In particular, the more you buy, the higher the production rate. Let's unlock and find out all our upgrades!