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Join the journey of an ice cream cone in this game

Bad Ice-Cream is about an exciting adventure journey of an ice cream. He must destroy and create ice to overcome many enemies along the way.

Journeys in frozen lands are the main theme in this game. Intricate mazes created from ice blocks will immerse you in this game.

Story in the game

An ice cream tried to sneak into dangerous mazes where there were juicy fruits. He needs to steal these fruits quietly. If he was seen by the guards, they would chase him. Even though this mission is highly dangerous, the ice cream still has to complete it.

The ability of ice cream

The main character is an ice cream with the ability to melt ice or create ice. You need to take advantage of this ice cream skill to create ice walls or destroy blocks along the way. These are the actions you need to do to conquer this game.

Collect all fruits in Bad Ice-Cream

The game offers many levels that require you to earn enough fruit. There will not be just one type of fruit, but you will have to collect many types of fruit in one level. In later levels, more and more different fruits will appear. Some of them can even move and try to escape from the ice cream.

Identify fruit types and their locations

First, you know what fruit you need to get because they will appear on the screen. You just need to walk past these fruits to grab them. After you have collected enough of the first type of fruit, the next type of fruit will appear. You need to determine the exact location of the fruits because some of them may be hidden in ice blocks. Don't worry too much about these fruits because ice blocks will not cause them to spoil.

Avoid the enemies

Although ice cream has the ability to create ice, this ability does not help it attack enemies. Therefore, the ice cream will melt as soon as it touches these enemies. Each enemy has its own strengths, so you need to observe and find their strengths. For example, there are enemies that can fly over blocks while others can destroy blocks. Although the ice cream cannot attack opponents directly, it can still use ice blocks as shields.

Game control:

In this game, you press the arrow key to move the ice cream around. Then, let's press the spacebar to break the ice blocks or create ice blocks. If you want to play some puzzle games, Monopoly Go is always here for you.