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Getaway Shootout is a chaotic battle game between 4 players to reach the getaway first. Don't forget to use power-ups to support this online race! Are you ready to join this action game with 2modes?

Some Selection in Getaway Shootout

By participating in this online game, players have many different options. The first choice is mode. The game offers 2 modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. These two modes differ in the number of players. You can compete against bots in 1-player mode while playing against one real player and 2 bots in 2-player mode. These two modes are completely similar in terms of gameplay and basic features.

Second, players can choose characters for themselves. This Getaway Shootout game offers a lot of characters with unique designs. Characters will be divided into small groups such as Standard, Special, Action, and Famous. Each group will have different characteristics to distinguish different types of characters. For example, you can see Donald Trump in the Famous group while the Standard group only has basic characters.

Note that these characters are locked and players need to unlock them before using them. The way to unlock them is to win matches.

Ways To Join Matches

In Getaway Shootout, matches involve 4 players participating in a race.

Race Of 4 Players

Four players need to quickly move forward and try to reach the getaway. The person who moves to the destination first wins. However, this victory is not easy.

First, the competition between 4 players is huge. 4 players can attack each other to destroy enemies. Once destroyed, that enemy must return to the previous checkpoint. As a result, that character will waste time and reduce his win rate. During the competition, players can collect weapons and items to aid in combat.

Second, on the playing field, there are traps and your character can be returned to previous checkpoints because of these traps. You can fall into holes, get stuck with trains, or fall off rooftops. Don't let these dangerous situations happen!

Finally, getaway is the destination of all players. However, the getaway's location is a secret. Players need to find it quickly. In addition, the game becomes even more challenging with the change of getaway position after each match.

Control To Win Getaway Shootout

To control your character, you only need to use 3 control keys: W, E, and R.

The W and E keys are used to move and jump. When your character stands straight, pressing W or E will help the character turn. While your character is leaning, these two control keys will help your character jump in that direction.

In addition, use the R key to activate power-ups.

This is the control for 1-player mode. In 2-player mode, players still use the W, E, and R keys for player 1. Player 2 will use the I, O, and P keys with similar functions.

A suggested game is Monopoly Go where players also join online races with multiplayer. However, in this competitive game, you will compete for land and money instead of reaching getaway first.