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Play SpiderDoll to control a spider ragdoll and use the web to move through buildings in the city. The web is also a weapon for you to destroy your enemies. The adventures of spiders will become more and more thrilling. Let's start now to enjoy it!

Spider Ragdoll Character

When participating in this online game, players will transform into a Spiderman with different costumes and abilities.

The SpiderDoll game provides players with unique Spiderman costumes. This feature is familiar to online games like Monopoly Go where you can choose from one of countless avatar items. In this online game, players can see 4 outstanding costumes: basic Spiderman, black Spiderman, white Spiderman, and bat-mixed Spiderman. These costumes all represent a unique spiderman and you can use them for free.

In terms of skill, your character has similar skills to a Spiderman who can use the web to move. You can create the web and stick to platforms. After that, you can swing the web towards target locations. With this ability, your Spiderman character will become extremely powerful to move on building rooftops. However, there are a few challenges for players along the way.

SpiderDoll Challenges

This adventure game gives players many different challenges. They challenge players to get high scores in an endless city. The farther you move, the higher your score. Of course, the number of challenges is increasing.

Difficulties When Moving

Your character will use the web and travel across buildings. This mobility will depend on buildings and objects a lot. You need to make sure your web can cling to something. Otherwise, it is impossible to use your mobility. This is a weakness of Spiderman and your character is similar.

In addition, your spider is designed like a ragdoll that has random movements automatically. It is difficult to control the ragdolls because they can swing on their own and their bodies are always tilted.

With 2 challenges, it is necessary to practice and get used to the spider ragdoll's moves.

Enemies in SpiderDoll

This spider game not only requires players to move but also fight against opponents. Your opponents may appear on rooftops or platforms. You have two options to kill all these enemies.

  • Option 1: Use your web to stick to your competitors. Then, pull or push them from their standing position. In particular, throwing them off rooftops is a good way. To perform this attack skill, players just need to use their mouse to drag and release. It is similar to web-using ways to move.
  • Option 2: Shoot the web balls with the spacebar to destroy your opponents. This second method is easy to do, but you need to work quickly with multiple control keys at the same time. This can present challenges for new players.

With these challenges, players may face many difficulties in achieving high scores in the early stages. However, every challenge becomes interesting when you can master the character-controlling way. In particular, Spiderman's moving ability with powerful jumps will impress you. Don't hesitate and join this SpiderDoll game right away!