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Join the numbers game

Cubes 2048 allows you to participate in a mathematical battle. Addition and multiplication will help you win this game. Try to collect as many blocks as possible.

This is a game that combines an intelligence game and a snake game. You will control the blocks to form a snake on the map. There will be many other players also participating in this game. You can attack or avoid your opponent's attacks. Always ensure the safety of your blocks. Otherwise, the game will end immediately.

Perform calculations

Each block has a number on it. Blocks can merge together to create a new number larger than the previous number. However, they can only merge with each other when they have the same number. For example, you can merge block 2 with block 2 to create block 4. In addition, you also need to quickly observe to see if your opponent's number is greater than yours. If so, you better run away. Only when you have a large first block can you destroy your opponent.

Observe your scores and your opponents' scores

On the screen, you will probably see a small leaderboard where you can see your rank. Here, the players with the highest score will also appear. From there, you can compare your rank and that of top players to know how much effort you need to put in. This game does not provide an on-screen mini-map. Therefore, it will be more difficult to prevent surprise attacks.

How to defeat other opponents in Cubes 2048

In this game, you are forced to participate in battles. Avoiding opponents is not a wise measure. You can actively attack your opponents. However, you also need to ensure some of the following requirements if you want to defeat your opponent.

Numbers on blocks

When you first enter the game, the number on your block will be 2. After that, you need to move around to collect other blocks. The blocks you have will automatically merge together. After that, your first block will slowly grow. Only larger blocks can eat small blocks. Therefore, the number on the block is extremely important.

Avoid being robbed of small blocks

The snake will have many blocks connected together. Some opponents may take away your small blocks. At this point, you can run away or actively steal small blocks from your opponent. This situation usually happens for two players with equal scores.

Game control: Swipe the mouse to control the blocks' direction and click the left mouse button to speed up. For more games with simple control, you can test your mind with Monopoly Go.