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Challenge your mind with cards

Uno Online is a multiplayer game that has become widely known recently. Your mission is to earn 250 stars. Of course, you have to win rounds to earn stars.

Logical thinking gameplay

You and your opponent will be provided with a deck of cards consisting of 4 main colors including yellow, red, green and green. To win a round, you need to clear all the cards you have. Of course, you need to use logical thinking to guess what your opponent's next move is. Then, you need to come up with a strategy that prevents your opponent from clearing all their cards. Observing the cards that your opponent turns up. This will help judge many important details. There is another game with logical thinking gameplay that is Monopoly Go.

Select multiplayer mode

This is a fun game where you can compete with other players. Besides, you can also play against AI. If you compete with AI, you can choose the 2-player, 3-player or 4-player mode. Even difficulty options for the game are available. If you are confident in your abilities, you can try medium and hard. Easy mode will be more suitable for beginners. In addition, you can join online playrooms around the world. At this point, your opponents will be players around the world. Additionally, you can also create your own playroom and invite your friends to join. This is a great entertainment game whenever you have free time.

How to win in Uno Online

This game does not require a certain number of rounds. You and your opponent can fight for dozens of rounds until someone reaches 250 stars first. The faster you win, the more stars you get. Remember, the number of cards your opponent has left also affects the number of stars you gain. Now, let's learn the rules of this game.

Match the cards to get rid of them

In this game, you need to get rid of your cards by connecting them to the card in the middle of the screen. To connect them, you need to ensure the following conditions. You can place cards in the middle column when they have the same color or the same number. If you don't have any matching cards, you will have to draw more cards from the pile of face-up cards.

Some special cards

Besides normal cards, you will be provided with some cards with special features.

  • Action cards will cause your opponent to pick up two cards and forfeit their turn.
  • Skip cards do not allow the next player to play.
  • Reserve cards will switch your turn with the next player.
  • The wild card allows you to change the color to play. You can place the card anywhere.
  • The wild card draw three is special. They not only change the color of the card but also cause the next player to pick up 3 cards.

Don't forget to press the 1 button on the screen when you have one card left. Otherwise, you must pick up two penalty cards. Good luck!