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Introducing the game Suika Game

Suika game is an exciting new fruit-growing game. Come to the game and show off your ability to combine fruits to create super giant watermelons.

Game accessibility

This game is built with a unique and innovative model, bringing a fresh approach to gaming entertainment. It is not simply a regular puzzle game but requires players to combine fruits to create a large watermelon. This requires imagination and logic skills from the player, creating a unique and exciting experience. To practice your thinking ability, you can also participate in the Monopoly Go game introduced here.

To make the game more attractive, players will feel that the difficulty of the game is not as simple as in the initial stages. However, don't give up because the difficult situations you encounter in the game will help you accumulate more experience to achieve victory. The model of the game is excellent, helping players not to get bored and enjoy moments of excitement when creating a giant watermelon.

How to combine fruits effectively

To create a big watermelon, you need to apply effective playing strategies by combining fruits. When you combine two fruits of the same type, you will create a new fruit with the typical color and size of those fruits. For example, by combining two oranges, you will create an apple. The apples will be red in color and larger in size than the original orange. To combine fruits effectively without being crowded, you need to divide the area for each type of fruit appropriately. Avoid leaving the fruits on top of each other for too long, as you will quickly reach the limit of the fruit frame.

How to play

Use the mouse to move the falling fruit to the position you want. When fruits are physically pushed, similar fruits collide and they collide to create a new fruit. Your goal is to create as many melons as possible.

Popular game Suika Game

Game origins

It can be said that Suika Game is a very popular game in the gaming community, especially in the gaming community in Japan. This game originates from Japanese culture and has attracted the interest of many players around the world.

Game review

If you are looking for a game to entertain, Suika Game is a perfect choice. The game is suitable for you to compete with friends through rankings. With thousands of plays every day along with high ratings from gamers on platforms like YouYube, TikTok,... Gather your friends, start the game and get ready for an adventure full of fun when creating super big watermelons.