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Participate in an exciting battle for survival Battle Royale is a unique survival game where you turn into holes. These holes can eat anything, even the other holes that are smaller than them.

Move quickly in the arena

You will be taken to an arena where there are many other opponents. They have the same goal of becoming the last survivor in the arena. So, you need to use your skills to accomplish this goal. Moving skillfully and quickly will help a lot in this battle for survival. You need to sneak past strong opponents and move around the map to find lots of objects.

Avoid huge enemies

As you know, the larger the hole size, the stronger you are in this game. You need to quickly make your hole as big as possible. Otherwise, you will become weak and easily defeated. When you encounter people stronger than you, it's best to avoid them. From there, you can have more time to accumulate energy for yourself. Remember that the larger the size, the slower it moves.

Be the last man standing in Battle Royale

Your mission is to become the last hole in the battle. At first, the number of players will be very large and each player will try to grow up. Whoever is the biggest will have a chance to become the ultimate winner.

Absorb many objects on the platform

You will see many objects and weapons such as darts, bombs, gold, money bags, etc along the way. Your task is to move the hole to suck them in. These objects are the food of the hole and help it get bigger and bigger. These objects will automatically reappear after being eaten. In addition, the larger the object's size, the more power points it gives. Of course, you also have to check whether your hole can swallow large objects or not.

Be careful with game zones

Initially, the area of the arena is quite large, but the game zone will become smaller. You need to move into safe areas. If you stay outside the game zone for a short time, you will lose this game. Also, be careful of some traps such as lightning that reduces hole size, etc.

Collect some boosts

The game not only offers traps but you can also see some boosts along the way. They can be speed boosts that help you move faster or boosts that increase your size. Say them, they will be boosts that help you win. For more fun games, Monkey Mart is a well-known and extremely interesting game for you.