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Become a talented businessman in the forest

Monkey Mart is a simple game with fun graphics. You will control a monkey to open a supermarket in the forest. You must provide enough goods for your guests.

Becoming a businessman has never been easier. You will produce your own goods and sell them in supermarkets. The goods you need to sell are food. Let's learn more about how to become a supermarket owner.

Supplying goods to supermarkets

Right inside the supermarket is a miniature farm. You will grow crops like bananas, corn, etc. and you will also raise livestock like cows and chickens. This mini farm will produce the highest quality food products. Now, you need to put these foods on the supermarket shelves. Customers will automatically go to the shelves to get the goods they need. You need to make sure the supermarket shelves are always stocked for all customers. Speed and agility will help you meet customer needs.

Collect money from customers

Besides placing goods on the shelves, you also need cash machines to collect money from customers. After customers have collected all the necessary goods, they will bring them to the checkout counter. At this time, you need to stand at the payment counter to collect money. The money you earn will help you develop your supermarket further.

How to expand the supermarket in Monkey Mart

Expanding the supermarket is what you need to do in this game. To expand your supermarket, you must sell more new goods and hire more employees.

Offering a variety of new goods

At first, you only sell bananas but later, you can buy more corn. Not only do you sell crops, you also have products like eggs and milk. Eggs and milk will be produced from chickens and cows and their food will be corn. So, you can grow a lot of corn to ensure food for the animals and corn on the shelves.

Hire more employees

Having to move to display goods constantly, collect money, and feed animals will make it hard. So, it's time to hire some more monkey employees. You can hire two additional employees along with a cashier. They will help you collect money from customers as well as put goods on shelves. It is important that you wake your employees when they fall asleep. Chickens and cows will sometimes fall asleep during work hours. I know another game related to business is Monopoly Go. Can you become a talented businessman in this game?