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Table Tennis World Tour

Sports game Table Tennis World Tour

Table Tennis World Tour is a super classic table tennis sports game. Choose the country you want to represent and show off your amazing table tennis skills.

Ways to score points in the game

Just like other sports games, in this game, you will also have to score more points than your opponent to win. To score points in this game you just need to clearly understand the rules of table tennis. When you are the batsman, you need to hit the ball in the right direction and not hit the ball off the outside of the table. When struck, the ball must pass the net and touch the opponent's table. Only after the ball touches the table and bounces can you play. If you violate the above batting principles, you will not receive any points, but on the contrary, your opponent will receive points. The match will end when one of the two scores 11 points and wins.

Instructions on how to play

To play the game on the computer you need to use the mouse to navigate the racket handle. Click to hit the ball. Remember, only after the ball hits the surface of the table and then bounces up can you hit the ball. Don't be in a hurry if you don't want to miss the ball and break the rules of table tennis.

Tips for playing table tennis

Practice moving your racket handle

Make sure you can control the racket skillfully. When holding the racket, hit the ball flexibly with both the left and right sides of the racket. How to move your racket hand is an extremely important factor that helps you score many goals, so practice this regularly to navigate the ball easily.

Focus on table tennis technique

Hitting the ball requires concentration and precision. You should adjust your power when hitting the ball appropriately to deceive your opponents and score more beautiful goals.

Enhance reflexes when playing table tennis

The reflex factor is an important factor when you play table tennis. To have sharp reflexes when contacting table tennis, practice hitting the ball regularly to enhance your sharpness and reaction speed to the ball. To practice better reflexes, join the game Cubes 2048 to have more new experiences.