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Introducing the game Wheel Draw Master

Wheel Draw Master is an innovative racing game that brings you lots of fun. Let's create bicycles with many different funny shapes to win every race.

Vehicle movement rules

In the game, you and your opponent will each own a bicycle, but this bicycle does not have wheels to move. Your task is to add wheels to the car so it can move. Based on your creative drawings, the car can move fast or slow. The wheel does not always have to be round, you can draw different shapes such as triangles, thunderbolts, squares,...

For the vehicle to move flexibly, you should also observe the moving terrain. The game will appear with flat terrain and stairs, so draw wheels suitable for each type of terrain to move quickly. Whoever you and your opponent reach the finish line first will win and move on to the next round.

Competitive game

The game creates more motivation for players based on competitiveness with opponents in other countries. Competitiveness helps you train your thinking and agility when drawing pictures so you can overcome your opponents and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. If you love competitive games you can play Crab Game.

Explore the game's outstanding features

Change character

During the move, collect all the bonuses, the money you collect will help you unlock more special characters. Change your character's appearance to show that you have worked hard to practice drawing and saving coins.

Diverse racing tracks

At each level you will experience different exciting racing tracks. Each new route will help you have new ideas for drawing bicycle wheels.

Simple gameplay

Use your mouse and draw the shapes you want on a drawing board. You can change your drawing continuously as long as you can reach the finish line before your opponent.