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Drive the mad car in this game

Drive Mad brings thrilling moments when you have to control crazy cars. Many levels with many different terrains in this game will make you excited.

Have you ever driven on a narrow and dangerous road? This driving game lets you experience driving. The cars you drive will always have something special. For example, does it have square wheels or is it very long? All of these special things cause difficulty for you in this game. By all means, you must drive these crazy cars to the finish line. Time is unlimited so you can move slowly if necessary.

Hit the finish line to pass a level in Drive Mad

The road you have to go through is not too long but has many difficulties. To reach your destination, you must solve these difficulties one by one.

Do not let the vehicle overturn

Overturning your car will directly lead to losing this game. Keeping the car balanced on bumpy roads has never been easier. You may need a smooth combination of keys. Sometimes, you have to gain momentum to jump over some gaps while you need to move very slowly when going through stairs.

100 levels in this game

Although the graphics are straightforward, this game has many complicated levels with different terrains. To complete this game, you have to pass 100 levels. At the first levels, you can easily pass the difficulties but the difficulty levels increase at the later level. This game is also considered a puzzle game like Red Slide where you have to strategize to drive to the destination.