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Ludo Hero is an online ludo board game for 2-4 players. Take part in this strategic race to bring all 4 of your pieces to the home zone to win. This online game provides 2 modes for all players to select.

2 Ludo Hero Modes

There are 2 modes: Vs Bot and Online Mode. These two modes are different in terms of your opponents. In Vs Bot mode, your opponents are computers and AI while you have to compete with other online players in Online Mode. These two modes both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's base on your actual conditions to make appropriate decisions.

In addition, these two modes each have 2 sub-modes: 2 Players and 4 Players. Because this online game is a competitive game, you need to play with at least two players. In addition, the ludo board only allows a maximum of 4 players, so the second sub-mode is 4-player mode.

Players can absolutely choose any mode to participate. There is no obligation for the players. However, before you choose the mode, don't forget to choose an avatar and enter a name.

Some Significant Ludo Information

Like Monopoly Go, Ludo Hero offers players intense multi-player mind battles. One of the most important pieces of information is some game-related terms.

Ludo-Related Terminology

Before starting an official game, let's understand the important factors in this online game.

  • Board: Ludo game board, divided into squares with paths and houses.
  • Pieces: Represent players on the Ludo board.
  • Starting Zone: this is where the pieces are initially placed.
  • Home Zone: this is where the pieces need to reach to complete the game.
  • Safe Zone: this is where pieces cannot be captured or returned to the Starting Zone. This area is often marked with a star symbol.
  • Home Stretch: The end of the path, close to the home area, needs to be passed to bring the piece into the house.
  • Finish Line: The final border before the house area, the player must move the piece there to enter the house.

They are important terms and all players need to know their location and uses. They will help players have enough information about Ludo Hero and win matches more easily.

Official Online Ludo Matches

Ludo Hero matches follow basic Ludo rules. The players start by rolling the dice. Throw the dice to decide the number of moves. Based on the results of the dice, players will move pieces from one square to another until they reach the home zone.

During this process, there are some special rules as follows.

  • Start: Players need to roll 6 points to get the piece out of the base.
  • Capture: You can capture an opponent's piece by placing one's own piece on the opposite square.
  • Blockade: It's possible to create a position that blocks the path of your opponent's pieces, making them unable to advance further.
  • Doublet: When the two dice are the same, allow the player to throw the dice again.
  • Sixes Rule: This rule allows players to re-roll the dice if they roll a pair of sixes.