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Unique things about Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is a great multiplayer puzzle game that transforms you into a wise investor. Let's cause other players to go bankrupt and get a lot of money.

On April 11, 2023, this new version was released by Scopely. The game has gained popularity soon in the gaming community because of its distinct features. Unlike the classic Monopoly, this game has awesome visuals. It is designed a 3D art style. The city in this game is simulated based on the real city. Whenever you want to roll the dice, you must go to the center of the city to play. Additionally, the game showcases the power of monopolies, highlighting how owning a particular set of properties can generate substantial income and confer a competitive advantage. It also demonstrates the impact of supply and demand, as players vie for properties in high-demand areas and negotiate prices based on market conditions.

In addition, this game offers many sticker albums. In each album, you can see 21 sets of beautiful stickers which can be unlocked by rolling dice or earning a lot of money. Do your bets to collect enough stickers and decorate your city. Moreover, this game also has special events on the special holiday. You can join these events to claim many rewards such as cash, dice rolls, and sticker packs. Come! Try out this game now and explore all the interesting things of this game Monopoly Go now,

The gameplay overview of Monopoly Go

Choose the number of players

At the start of the game, you are allowed to select the number of players. You can select the 2,3, or 4 -player modes. However, you should remember that the number of players will affect the level of difficulty of this game. It means that the game will be more challenging if you choose the 4-player mode. Therefore, I advise you to select the 2-player mode first to practice. Note that all players will play this game on the same device. This is also an opportunity for you and your friends to have moments of entertainment. After selecting the number of players, you and other players will take turns choosing a token and color and entering your names. Note that two or more players cannot select the same token and color. These tokens with different shapes will represent the players, so you must take control of your token to move around the board.

Your goal

After everything is ready, you can start to play this interesting puzzle game. Your objective in this game is to become the only millionaire in the city. To meet your goal, you must cause other investors to go deep into debt and then go bankrupt. First, all tokens of the players are placed in the Go space. You and the other players will take turns rolling two dice to decide the number of squares your token can go through. For example, if you get four, it means that your token can go through 3 squares and land in the fourth space. Moreover, if you get doubles, you are allowed to roll the dice one more time. However, be careful because getting Doubles three times can cause you to be jailed.

After your token reaches any space, you must do the required action such as investing, paying rent, and so on. Note that you are offered 1500 dollars at the start of the game, so you can buy unowned property to become richer. Moreover, you must trap other players to make them become your debtors. The debtors can sell their estates to the bank to get cash which can be used to pay for creditors. You must become a wise investor who can own many properties in the city. The game will end when the other players owe you or the banks in the city and they are not able to pay this debt.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

All types of squares in Monopoly Go

The board in this game has 40 squares. They are classified into 6 types.

Go Square

This is the starting square in this game. All tokens will be placed in this square before you roll the dice. Note that after roaming around the board and returning to this Go square, you will get 200 dollars from the bank. Currently, many players consider Go Square to be a safe place to avoid hotel landings.

Property Squares

There are a total of 28 property squares on the board. They include 22 colored streets, 4 railroads, and 2 utilities. You can use your money to purchase streets, railroads, and utilities for the listed prices. Make sure that these properties are unowned before you decide to buy them. Remember that the prices of streets will rise when you pass the Go Square and start another adventure in the city. Therefore, I suggest you should try to purchase as many streets as possible at a cheap price on the first journey. When other players land on your property, you have a right to ask for the amount displayed on the Title Deed. Moreover, if you can buy all properties of the same color, you can increase your renting price. If other players cannot afford the rental payment anymore, they will lose the game.

In addition, after owning properties of the same color, you are allowed to construct houses and hotels on your land. On each land, you can construct a maximum of four houses. Moreover, on each piece of land, you can build a maximum of one hotel. This is also an effective way to increase the rental price. Your objective is to build as many houses and hotels as possible to earn as much money as you can.

Tax Squares

It is possible to say that this is a trouble-some space. There are a total of 2 tax squares on the board. If your token reaches this square, you must pay 200 dollars to the bank. Therefore, no one wants to land on this square. If you do not want to lose your money, you must attempt to guide your token to stay away from this square.

Chance and Community Chest Squares

Your token can go through three Chance squares on the board. If it lands on this Chance square, you are allowed to draw one card on the top of the stockpile. Similarly, three Community Chest squares also allow you to take the top card from the stockpile. Note that some cards in the stockpiles can bring great benefits. Meanwhile, the other ones are hazardous. Here are some dominant cards you can draw.

Advantageous cards

  • Get Out of Jail Free: If you can draw this card, you can get out of jail and continue your adventure in the city.
  • Advance to Go: This card will give you 200 dollars.
  • Bank error in your favor: You will claim 200 dollars from the bank if you draw this card.
  • Take a trip to [a property]: You will be teleported to any property square after drawing this card. This is a chance for you to purchase this property.
  • Income tax refund: You will obtain a refund of 200 dollars if you can take this card.
  • Grand Opera Night This card helps you to obtain 50 dollars from other players who want to open night seats.
  • Prize of beauty contest: You will claim 10 dollars because you win a beauty contest.

Hazardous cards

  • Go to Jail: If you draw this card, you will be jailed immediately.
  • Doctor's Fees: This card requires you to pay 50 dollars.
  • Go Back 3 Spaces: This card forces your token to go back three spaces.
  • Hospital Fees: You must pay a hospital fee of 100 dollars if you get this card.
  • School Fees: You have to pay a school tax of 50 dollars if you draw this card.

Free Parking Squares

The safest space on the board is the Free Parking Square. You can see this square in the corner of the board. If your token lands in this space, you do not need to complete any mission or pay any money. Furthermore, you will not get any prize if you reach this resting spot. Therefore, many players really like parking their tokens on this square.

Jail Squares

The final square I want to mention is the Jail Squares. There is one Jail square in this game and it is in the corner of the board. If your token goes through it, nothing will happen. So, why are you jailed? The first reason is that your token stops in the Go To Jail square. Another reason is that you get Doubles three times when rolling the dice. Moreover, if you draw the card 'Go To Jail', you are also imprisoned. Keep in mind that you cannot get an income of 200 dollars after being jailed.

There are four ways that help you get out of jail. The first method is to attempt to draw the card 'Get Out Of Jail'. Note that you can buy it from other players if you cannot take it. Additionally, if you can get Doubles in the next turn, you will be free. The final way is to pay 50 dollars to the bank. This is the fine because of your mistake. However, I advise you to pay the fine after you roll the dice three times and cannot get Doubles.

The best strategies to win Monopoly Go

This game requires not only financial management skills but also strategic skills. Coming up with effective tactics is one of the keys that help you win the game easily. Here are some useful strategies I want to suggest for you.

Start with small properties

At the start of the game, you have only 1500 dollars. Therefore, do not try to buy expensive properties. Instead, I advise you to purchase small properties and do not try to save your money. Attempt to own as many properties as possible in the city. Moreover, you should prioritize purchasing railroads. There are only 4 railroads in this game. Owning all 4 railroads is also a useful way for you to collect more rental payments.

Just build three houses

You are encouraged to build only 3 houses on each piece of land because this can cause a housing shortage. This is not a bad situation. Instead, it helps you earn more money. If you focus on constructing build four houses and then a hotel, your revenue will be equal to a house. If you build three houses, your rental payment will be tripled. If you keep building three houses in each street, I believe that you can earn a lot of money.

Don't be afraid of being jailed

The third strategy I want to suggest is to go to jail when other players own all properties on the board. If you stop in any owned property, you have to afford a high rental payment. Therefore, going to the jail is the best way to save your money. You just need to pay a fine of 50 dollars if you cannot get Doubles. Don't worry because you can buy and sell properties while you are in the prison. It is possible to say that this way is beneficial for you and prevents you from going bankrupt.

Cooperate with other players

This strategy can be applied when you play with the other three players. If you want to eliminate the other 2 players 2 players, you should find an alliance. You and your alliance will work with each other to come up with the same strategy to defeat other players. After eliminating other players, you and another survivor will become the opponents. You must defeat this investor to become the ultimate victor in this game.

In conclusion

In a nutshell, Monopoly continues to captivate players of all ages, transcending generations with its blend of strategy, luck, and economic principles. The game's enduring popularity lies in its ability to simulate the trials and triumphs of business and finance in a controlled setting. Whether played for leisure or as a teaching tool, Monopoly provides a fascinating exploration of capitalism, decision-making, and negotiation skills. So, gather around the board, roll the dice, and embark on an adventure through the city in this game now!