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Overview of Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Online is an extremely addictive logic bubble busting game. Find balls of the same color and destroy their connecting blocks now!

Create space to last longer

To shoot the ball you need to control the direction of the arrow in the correct direction you determine. Then you click the ball and it will shoot up towards the provided ball block. But the important thing here is to shoot to eliminate as many balls as possible on the screen. To do this you need to observe suitable positions to shoot the ball. For example, if the given ball is now red, you need to find positions with at least two red balls. When these balls of the same color collide, they will explode and disappear from the screen. The more space you create, the longer you will last in the turn.

Reduced shadow increase ability

The rule for shooting the ball up is very easy, but you also need to pay attention to when the ball block begins to increase in number. Looking at the left corner of the game screen you will see 7 balls waiting. Calculated by several balls from left to right, the first ball will be the preparation ball, the last ball will be the ball you will shoot, and all remaining balls are gray balls calculated according to your shot. Friend. When you shoot the last ball without removing any ball, you will lose 1 round of gray balls. After all the gray shadows are removed, the number of shadows on the screen will increase. Try to remove the balls on the screen when shooting to limit the increase in the number of balls on the screen. If the number of balls on the screen reaches the bottom line, you will lose and have to start the game over from the beginning.

Attractive graphics and sounds

Attractive graphics and sounds play an essential role in enhancing the overall experience of the Bubble Shooter Online game. Here's how graphics and sound contribute to the game's appeal.

Colorful and vibrant images

Bubble shooting games often have visually appealing graphics with bright and vibrant colors. The bubbles themselves can be visually distinct, making it easier for players to identify and differentiate between them. Additionally, games may include visually pleasing backgrounds, animations, and effects to add to the overall visual appeal. If you like games with even better visuals then you can join Monopoly Go here.

Animation can make the game more engaging and interesting. For example, when bubbles burst, they can pop or burst in interesting ways. Additionally, special effects or animations may accompany power-ups or successful combos, adding a dynamic and exciting element to the game.

Attractive sound effects

Sound effects in the Bubble Shooter game provide auditory feedback and enhance the gaming experience. For example, when a bubble is shot or burst, the game may make a burst or splashing sound. These sound effects provide immediate feedback to the player, making the game more engaging and engaging.