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Welcome to the fun clicking game Banana Game. The game will bring you wonderful relaxing moments when you click on the magical banana on the screen.

Explore the world of bananas

Bananas are exceptionally delicious fruits that provide a lot of nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Inspired by the banana game Banana Game brings players a completely new world of bananas. Your goal is to create a lot of bananas to develop projects and items related to bananas. Build and maintain continuously to create your banana world now!

What can you make from bananas?

From an initial banana, you need to continuously click on that banana to increase the number of bananas. After increasing the number of bananas you will unlock items such as cursor, factory, mine,... You will benefit from the items you have unlocked because they have the ability to click automatically even when you don't click directly on the main banana on the screen. Unlocked items all have their own notes about what you unlocked these items for. For example, if you unlock the Factory, this will help you produce a large number of bananas. Or when you unlock Mine, this unlock will help you mine banana powder and chocolate chips. In short, you can unlock a lot of new banana-related objects and structures.

Relaxing game space

With simple graphic design, the game gives you a feeling of relaxation and reduces stress when participating in the game. You just need to click and start developing the game model according to the continuous increase of bananas. When unlocked items appear on the main screen from those images, you will see the excitement and bustle when they all have the same goal of automatically clicking to increase the number of bananas as quickly as possible. and as much as possible.