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Introducing the game Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a racing game for mischievous cats. Start participating in the playing arena and shoot down every opponent present here to become the only winner.

Multiplayer arena

You will be overwhelmed by the large, colorful in-game arena but also by the many players participating in this game. All players in the arena have the desire to show off their driving skills and conquer the game by becoming the winner so the competition between many players will become more fierce than ever. All players are free to demonstrate their driving style in their way to win. Facing so many players, you also need to practice your fighting and driving skills to be ready to fight all your opponents.

Start the fight in the arena

The game is not simply a demonstration of the driving talent of all participants but is also a battle full of advanced weapons. In the game, you will control your car to go to every corner of the arena to shoot down opponents. On the way, you will encounter mysterious boxes, and collect them to get more advanced combat weapons such as bombs, bullets, explosives, and many other combat weapons. Use these weapons to attack the opponent, the opponent will be destroyed immediately after one accurate attack from you. Continue the fight until you are alone in the arena, you will win.

The game has colorful graphics

The game attracts many players of all ages because of its bright colors and adorable character designs and racing cars. With a bright color tone, the game has created an arena with extremely unique architecture. First of all, there are diverse racing tracks with many obstacles. If there are too many collisions, your car will explode. Next are the hot details like the lava lake, anyone who falls into this lake cannot survive. Next are new creations of characters and racing cars. You can freely upgrade your characters and racing cars with the great experiences you get in the game. If racing games can entertain you for hours then you can also join the Drive Mad game introduced here.