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About to Snake Solver

Snake Solver is a snake game full of skill. Move the snakes in the game to suitable positions so you can eat the apple. Try to conquer all levels in this game!

The game is not simply a snake-hunting game like Worms Zone, but the Snake Solver game also contains many interesting puzzles. In the game, the apples will be placed in different positions. There are many different paths to get to the apple, so you need to choose the best path to get to and eat the apple. In the first level, you will find the path to the apple very easy, but as you move to the next level you will find the challenge will increase.

When you reach a higher level you will encounter more obstacles or in other words, the puzzle will become more difficult. All game maps will be changed, and the number of snakes and the number of switches in the game will be increased and arranged in different locations. The game's intensity is also heating up as you will have to think and use many tests to find the way to the apple. Don't worry if you no longer have a way to move because your snake will freely return to its original position to start a new path. Will you pass all the levels in this game? You will know as soon as you start participating in this game!

How to control snakes

To control the snake you will use the WASD keys or arrow keys. In the game, many snakes will appear. If you want a snake to move, click on that snake. If you want to go back, press R, if you want to undo, press U or Z.