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Introducing the game Worms Zone

Worms Zone is a classic snake game that has won a lot of love from players around the world. You will feel excited as your worm will grow bigger by the second.

Diverse foods to grow worms

Entering the game you will be immersed in a world of food full of excitement. Here there are fruits and candies with many attractive colors. These foods will be the foundation for your little worms to grow every day. Try to control the worm to move slowly and eat all the food that appears within the range of movement. You will see that the worm you control will get longer and bigger.

Interesting icons

You will see interesting icons appear on the worm's head when another opponent rushes at you or you collect a delicious piece of food. The lovely icons give you more joy and dynamism to continue nurturing your dream of becoming the greatest worm.

To control the worm, use the mouse to navigate and click if you want to move quickly.

Compete in the game

The game has the participation of many players around the world, so it has created an endless competition between all the worms participating in the game. If you love competitive games you can join the Tunnel Rush game suggested here.

Pitfalls in the game

When moving, you also need to observe the worms around you because these worms can trap you at any time. This requires more attention with worms that are larger than you. If we follow the usual rules of setting traps, the larger worms will move around to trap the opponent in the circle they have created. They will narrow the area until the worm in the circle runs out of escape and crashes into them. If you are a fighting worm, this will be the way to bring you high scores.

Strong opponent

You will encounter strong opponents looking at their size and movement wise. These strong opponents have a lot of experience so they can possess giant bodies, but you also have the ability to destroy these opponents based on your agility and calculating strategic moves. your own. What would you think if a giant worm was destroyed, how much food would it leave behind?