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Introducing the game Mall Service

Mall Service is a fun cleaning game in a crowded mall. Help the shopping center attract more customers by keeping it clean. Will you do this?

Your task in this game is to control a cleaning worker to collect all the objects and garbage in the shopping center. In fact, you can see that if a shopping center has too much garbage and overflowing water, this shopping center will certainly have very few customers coming to buy. On the contrary, if a shopping center is clean and free of waste, it will attract more customers to buy soon. That's why cleaning service is highlighted in this game.

Garbage in shopping malls is everywhere and this is repeated frequently so you need to continuously work to have a clean environment. Whether or not all stores have a successful business depends on the cleaners, so try to move as quickly as possible so that much trash does not appear in the shopping center. Additionally, you can participate in the fun game Monster Go suggested here.

Clean up new stores

You will have the opportunity to clean large stores selling many different products. So how can we go into these stores to clean? After you collect trash, you will put it in the trash, then you will receive an amount of money corresponding to the amount of trash you collected. The more trash you pick up, the more money you get. Use this money to open new stores and upgrade your power so you can collect more trash.

In new stores, you don't just stop at cleaning trash and cleaning floors, you also have to take on other roles such as electrical repair. New stores will have many new equipment, so incidents that occur are relatively complicated. But you are a savvy worker so you can fix all problems safely.