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Introducing the game Monster Go

Monster Go is an extremely attractive Pokemon character matching game. The game offers many challenges from easy to difficult for you to explore and experience.

Many great pairing options

When you start the game, you will be able to choose the levels and play frames you like. At easy level you will have 3 frames to choose from: 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 respectively. Each level of play is based on the frame arrangement and you will have 25 levels to explore. Next is the average level, this level also has the same frame and levels as the easy level, but the difficulty at this level will also be harder. The last level is the most difficult level, to participate in this level you will have to play through all the easy and medium levels. At this final level you will be surprised at how the pokemon squares are arranged and of course the difficulty is also a challenge for you.

How to connect pokemon

The game will give you squares with pictures of pokemon in many different colors. Your task is to connect squares with the same pokemon together. You need to watch to connect all the squares together without being obstructed by the seams of other pokemon. In other words, connecting lines are unique and cannot share the same connection line. This is the biggest challenge in the game, requiring you to think carefully about each move to achieve absolute victory in the game. You can participate in the Power Flow game to further practice your thinking ability.

Game for all ages

Monster Go game not only gives you an interesting relaxing space, but also this game has a design suitable for all ages. The goal of the game is to navigate through various levels by controlling the character and avoiding obstacles and enemies. The player can collect power-ups and bonuses along the way to enhance his gaming experience.

The game's controls are designed to be intuitive, allowing players of all ages to jump right into the action. Whether you're using touch controls on your mobile device or a keyboard and mouse on your computer, the controls are responsive and easy to use, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.