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Introduction to the game Basket Random

Practice your basketball skills in the popular game Basket Random. Use the random actions of the players in the game to win the ball and score points.

If you have ever participated in the game Basketball Stars, the game Basket Random also has similar gameplay. In the game, you will compete against a random team. Each team consists of 2 players, and the actions of these 2 players will be controlled by you. The person standing on top will attack to get the ball and the second person will defend to prevent the opposing team from scoring. An effective combination of two basketball players will create a great lineup for your team. During the competition between two teams, the team that gets 5 points first will win.

Game mode options

The game gives you two game modes 1P and 2P, each mode will help you accumulate more useful basketball skills.

In 1-player mode, you will practice with the CPU. This mode is suitable for those who need to practice and are new to the game. You can freely show off your basketball skills and gain more CPU basketball experience. From there, draw your good tips to start participating in basketball competitions for 2P.

To control the athlete in 1P mode, use the W key or the up arrow.

In 2P mode you can join friends or family members to control athletes on the same computer keyboard. The two teams will be controlled by 2 different players. This mode is suitable for you to challenge other players to see whose basketball skills are better.

Control the athlete in 2P mode, player 1 will use the W key, player 2 will use the up arrow key.

Diverse graphics

The game offers continuous innovation through playthroughs. Each turn you will witness different landscapes, besides the athletes' costumes will also be constantly changing. The space of change creates new vitality for you, helping you improve your competitive spirit and determination to win.