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Introducing the game Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a game that improves your height with beautiful shots into the basket. Participate in the game and score more goals than your opponents.

Focus on basketball technique

To get the best shots at the net, you need to practice good basketball skills. Entering the match, you will have to constantly move and use all your skills to get the ball back into your hand. If you want to launch the ball into the basket accurately, you need to calculate the time and aim to make accurate shots. The timing of your jump and the flight of the ball is very important. Next is the dribbling technique, you need to make sensitive dribbles, and create as many virtual dribbles as possible because this will distract the opponent and allow you to score points. Within 1 minute, whoever gets the higher score will win.

During the game, focus and observe your opponent's play style so you can decide to defend or counterattack. Move and continuously block the opponent's ball to prevent them from scoring. A good defense is an important factor to win the match. In addition, catching the ball and counterattacking helps you gain control of the ball. Now you have to time your jump and hit the ball correctly to score points.

Use top skills

In addition to maneuvering with the usual movement keys, the game also provides you with additional attractive features. During the game, you can make collisions that will stun your opponents for a few seconds. Moreover, you will own a mighty fireball. This ball will help you smash the ball into the basket stronger than ever. When the fireball is used, the opponent cannot resist anymore, but this fireball is only limited so use it appropriately.

Explore 2 unique game modes

Some sports games only have 1 game mode, such as Table Tennis World Tour, but in the game Basketball Stars there will be 2 game modes for you to participate and experience. The first mode is the 1-player mode, the second mode is the 2-player mode.

In 1-player mode, you will choose a character representing a country and compete with a CPU basketball player. In this mode, you can freely practice your basketball playing skills. If you win against the CPU in many rounds, you can confidently switch to 2-player mode.

In 2-player mode you can compete with another friend or 2 people can compete with the same CPU. In this 2-player mode, there will be 3 choices for you to join with another player. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the appropriate game mode to participate in the competition.

No matter which game mode you choose, the Basketball Stars game will still bring you fun, relaxing gaming moments!

How to control

Player 1

  • Use WASD keys to move up/down, left/right
  • Use the B key to act
  • Use S key to pump
  • Use V key to use fire ball
  • Use D key to jump high

Player 2

  • Use arrow keys to move up/down, left/right
  • Use the L key to act
  • Use the down arrow key to pump
  • Use K key to use fire ball
  • Use left arrow to jump high