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About Watermelon Drop

Watermelon Drop is a fun, entertaining game that you can play for hours. Join the game and discover all the fruits in this game. Start grafting fruit now.

The game brings you a thrilling fruit-matching process. The game will randomly give out the fruits, then you will choose the appropriate location to drop these fruits. Similar fruits will be grafted together and a new fruit will grow. Continue like that until you match the watermelon, which is also the largest fruit in the game. You should also pay attention to the mouth of the box containing the fruit, if you drop the fruit full of the box you will not be able to continue playing.

Attractive features in the game

Unlike other games of the same type Suika Game, the game gives you useful help, this is also the outstanding feature of the Watermelon Drop game. You will have two assists: create a storm to change the position of the fruits in the box and click the watermelon to get more fruit drop locations. For fruit rotation help you will be used 3 times, for fruit jacking help you will be used 1 time. Use these helpers at the right time to get the highest score in this game.

In addition, the game also has a creative, colorful graphic design. The fruits in the game are all designed in an extremely adorable style. Each type of fruit has its characteristics in shape and color so that you can easily identify it.

The game has simple gameplay, you just need to use the mouse to select a location and then click to drop the fruit. With a few simple steps, you can play the game without getting bored.