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About Uno Green

Uno Green is an entertaining multiplayer game. In this game you will play with 3 other players, whoever runs out of cards first will win. Luck will be yours.

The game rules are simple

The rules of Uno Green are different from regular Uno Online games. In this game you and other opponents only own green cards. You need to distinguish the functions of each type of card mentioned in this game. First are the cards containing the numbers 1 to 9. These cards are of the same type, when your opponent plays these cards, you can also play similar cards. Next is the plus 2 card. When this card is played, the next person who is about to play will add 2 more cards and lose the right to play. Next is the round change card. When you play this card, the turn will change. The last card is the no-turn card. When playing this card, the person who is about to play next will no longer be able to play the card. Grasping this rule, you can come up with your own gambling strategies to win.

How to play

To play the game, you just need to turn on the game on the web browser on your computer or phone. You will then choose the game mode, you can play against PC or play with friends. When officially entering the game, use the mouse to click on the cards you want to play.

Lucky game

Does the game Uno Green really rely on luck to win? If you are lucky enough to own special cards, your chances of winning will be higher. But if you don't have a strategy, no matter how special your cards are, it won't be easy for you to win. So luck in the game is only a part of success. Try to practice the game every day to have great playing strategies and score as many goals as possible.