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About Three Js

Threes js is an extremely addictive number puzzle game. Move the squares on the board according to logic to create the biggest numbers and top the rankings.

How to combine numbers

The game is designed with a rectangular playing frame, the frame contains a maximum of 16 small rectangular cells. Starting the game will give you two numbers, number 1 and number 2. When combining these two numbers, the number 3 will be created. The calculations taking place in the game will be calculated by addition. Note that numbers 1 and 2 cannot be paired together, so you must pair box number 1 with box number 2. From number 3 onwards, you can combine numbers. For example, cell number 3 combined with cell number 3 will become cell number 6, and cell number 6 combined with cell number 6 will become cell number 12. Keep combining until you create the largest number. The game will end when you can no longer combine the numbers. The rules of this game are quite easy to understand, it is similar to the classic Cubes 2048 game so you can easily participate in the game without having to reread the rules many times.

Conquer the rankings

The game gives you daily rankings so you can have goals to strive for. In the rankings, you will know who the top 10 people are. Can you surpass other competitors and enroll at the top of the rankings this time? Try to practice and create your playing styles to successfully conquer the rankings now!

Brain training game

The math-oriented game improves your thinking ability at every turn. This game doesn't have many boxes, so you need to carefully calculate your steps to match as many as possible. Try to create strategies to improve your experience after each turn. The game not only brings you exciting moments of entertainment, but it also helps you improve your calculation and logical thinking skills.

How to play: Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to match the numbers together.