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Introducing the game Slope 3

Slope 3 is a challenging-paced game for those who love heights. Control a ball to overcome obstacles on an endless road to conquer the highest score.

Endless games like Tunnel Rush always give you an extremely refreshing feeling, but with Slope 3 you will also get that feeling but with completely new challenges. Explore endless paths with many obstacles and accompany you with skyscrapers of dizzying heights. How will you face these challenges to achieve the highest score?

Control the ball in the right direction

Your main task in the game is to control the ball so that it does not fly off the track. Controlling the ball accurately depends largely on ball control skills and reflexes when facing a series of obstacles. Observe the obstacles to avoid them in time and pay attention to the flight of the ball. When they fly in space is the time when it will be most difficult to control, try to navigate the ball as soon as it flies in space so it can land safely. This ball can only move forward so focus on going forward to go as far as possible.

How to control the ball

Control the ball in the direction you want using the following keys:

  • Press A or left arrow to move left
  • D key or right arrow to move right

Be careful with obstacles

Obstacles in the game are all the individual, unfamiliar blocks that appear on the path of movement. Obstacles can be simply square blocks that are warned in advance by colored borders different from the border of the track. In addition, the obstacles are puzzles that move from top to bottom, from left to right, from right to left. Tunnels that suddenly appear will also be obstacles that you need to find a way to enter the tunnel safely. In short, there are many obstacles on the way and they will appear with different movements, so be careful when moving.