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All about Sleeping Santa

Sleeping Santa is a fun puzzle game with many levels for you to explore. Find a way for snowflakes to wake Santa up and deliver gifts right now.

Complete each level of play

Each level will have 3 stars, these stars are placed in different positions. Your task is to click on the pine tree blocks and ice snow blocks so that the snowflakes touch the stars. After touching all the stars, the snowflake must fall on Santa Claus and you will complete each level. If you can't let the snowflakes touch the stars but still touch Santa, you will still get to another level but will not get 3 stars, which means your score will not be perfect. If you love solving puzzles in this game I think you will come back and find a way to get all 3 of these stars.

How to play above

To play the game on the computer, use your mouse to click on the blocks you want to break.
Playing on your phone, use your finger to touch the blocks you want to break.

Features of the game Sleeping Santa

Multi-level game

The game has a total of 32 levels, each level you will solve different puzzles. At each level you will flexibly apply different skills. For example, you need agility to click on pine blocks or ice blocks to make snowflakes wake up Santa Claus. If you click slowly, the snowflakes will float outside and won't wake Santa. To experience more multi-level games, you can join the Power Flow game here.

Achievements in collecting stars

You can check your star collection achievements in the leaderboard. Here you will know what you will accumulate throughout the playing process. Don't let your achievements stop at waking up Santa Claus, but make an effort to collect stars to prove you are an excellent puzzle solver.

Graphics and sound in the game

The game is designed with a Christmas theme to create a relaxing and exciting gaming space. The sound of the game has the sound of a big holiday so it is easy to listen to and helps you focus on solving puzzles at each level.