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Entertaining game Save The Dog

Welcome to the fun game Save The Dog. The game takes you to an entertaining space full of difficult sentences, the goal is to protect your dog from danger.

Coming to this game, you will play the role of a protector, protecting a husky dog from the traps of ferocious dogs. You need to draw inner rings or any shape to build a protective layer on the outside of the dog to avoid any attacks. You should remember that the bees in the game are really smart and scary. They will find every way to attack your dog. So ensure your safety in 10 seconds and you will win.

Many challenging levels

The game offers players a series of new puzzles and challenges through the levels. From simple puzzles to complex puzzles that will make you constantly think and find the best solution. At this point, you should focus on the environment that the game offers, from there you will look for all the options to find the best one and quickly apply it to the game screen. It all revolves around your thinking and creativity, how to keep the dog out of danger and move on to the next level of play.

How to play

During the game, observe and use the mouse to draw protection lines for the dog. Pay attention to the stairs, you can use them as a fulcrum when drawing protective lines for your dog.

Images and background music

The game has created vibrant pictures with colorful environments, captivating character designs, and interesting animations. The clear images and environments give players a feeling of suspense, not knowing how to draw to best protect their dog. Moreover, these interesting images constantly stimulate players' logical thinking to create new drawings.

Experience a puzzle game without the stimulation of background music. The game has included realistic sounds in the game to emphasize the danger of bees and the melting of ice. All of them bring you excitement when experiencing new spaces and new sounds.