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About Ninja Parakite

Ninja Parakite is a fun banana-collecting game made by a ninja. Control a ninja to collect all the food especially the ripe yellow bananas in each level.

In this game, the ninja will be equipped with a parachute and amazing high-jumping skills. Your task is to control the ninja to overcome all obstacles to reach the location of the bananas. Obstacles on the road are moving jagged blades, monkeys, and many other dangerous obstacles. Using high jumping skills with the help of a parachute, skillfully control the ninja to complete the levels in the game. Don't forget to collect all the food that appears on the way.

Explore new journeys

Each level will bring you new journeys. After progressing to higher levels you will have to move more skillfully because more difficult challenges will appear. The designs will be upgraded and the obstacles will be more, especially the appearance of diamonds. These diamonds are very valuable and useful to you, but they are placed in extremely difficult locations, so you have to move skillfully to get the diamonds. Join the game and conquer the final level in this game!

Unlock new costumes

The game provides you with a variety of costumes including clothes, umbrellas, and head scarves. After each level you will own a new parachute with many different colors and designs. As for clothes and other accessories, after reaching high levels you can buy all the outfits you like.

How to play

You can participate in the game on all available web browsers on computers and phones. To start the game, please use the following keys fluently:

  • Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move the ninja
  • Use the Z key to see other options
  • Use the M key to unmute or mute