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About Neon Rider 2024

Neon Rider 2024 is a challenging motorbike driving game. Control the speed so that your car rushes to the finish line without encountering any dangerous falls.

A stunning game environment awaits your exploration. Upon entering the game, you will be immersed in a vibrant, neon-filled space. The pulsing musical rhythm, combined with the breathtaking visuals, will fill you with an exhilarating sensation as you ride. Begin your racing journey now to see if your driving skills can overcome the challenges in this game.

Navigating treacherous tracks

It can be said that this game features some of the most perilous racing tracks, requiring exceptional technical skills. You will encounter a series of virtual racing tracks, and if you do not increase your speed, your motorcycle will surely not make it through the track as the roads will be broken and disconnected at various points. Additionally, you will experience sections with winding turns and areas where your motorcycle will be launched into the air. If you do not land safely from these high jumps, your motorcycle will immediately spin out of control. The higher you go, the more obstacles you will face, demanding continuous refinement of your driving techniques. Strive to conquer all the racing tracks now to become a top-tier racer.

How to control

Click and release the mouse to control the car over obstacles and collect diamonds.