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About Ludo Legend

Ludo Legend is an entertaining hourly game that you can enjoy with your friends. You can move your pieces according to the dice's signals to the destination.

The game provides players with 4 game modes that can be changed flexibly. Modes include 1P, 2P, 3P, and 4P modes, you can customize whether you want to play with the CPU or with your friends. With such a flexible choice of game modes, it will make it easier for you to practice and challenge your friends. Start the game and choose your favorite game mode right now

Understand the rules of the game

For online multiplayer games like Ludo Legend or Uno Online, the rules are very clear and accessible. In this game, you also need to firmly grasp some of the following rules to be able to come up with effective playing strategies to win.

The game will be divided into 4 squares, each square has a different color representing each person's position. To start playing you will click on your dice. If the dice stops on the side with 6 dots, you will be able to move one of your pieces on the box. If the dice does not stop on the side with 6 dots, you will have to give the turn to someone else. In case you roll the dice on the side with 6 dots, how will you continue playing? That's right, you will be able to move 1 of your pieces to the main path. Then you will dice again, then whatever number the dice stops at, you will move the piece according to that number. If your piece moves to the exact square where your opponent's piece is located, your opponent's piece will return to its original position and start the path again from the beginning. You will win when you move your pieces to the center of the board.

Intuitive gameplay

If you play on the computer, use the mouse to click on the dice and pieces to move. If you play on your phone, touch the screen to play.