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All about Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a game of skill that requires you to have extremely sharp reactions. Join the game and start overcoming obstacles spectacularly.

Movement skills

Entering the game world full of colors and engaging sounds in Geometry Dash Lite you need to have excellent movement skills to control geometry. The geometric blocks in the game move at a fast speed so you must control this speed and overcome a series of dangerous obstacles. The main movement skills in the game will be jumping skills and reflex skills. When you are close to contact with an obstacle, you need to click in the right rhythm so that the geometric block can safely jump over the obstacle. If you collide with an obstacle you will be shattered like crystal glass hitting a rock. You can pass levels easily when you diligently practice your movement skills and reflex skills.

Obstacle construction

The game gives you a surprise with a series of massive obstacle structures. At each level of play, you will experience different obstacle models. They are arranged next to each other, making you hold your breath after each move. These obstacles are not simply walls but are also designed in the form of saw teeth, spike tunnels, and many other obstacles. Surely you will not be able to pass the levels easily, so remember each distance to be able to promptly avoid dangerous obstacles.

The most difficult level of play

To comment on which level is the most difficult among the 15 levels of Geometry Dash Lite, it is probably the Can't Let Go level. At this level, you will move geometric shapes through stairs. These stairs will appear one after another, forcing you to concentrate more on each step. At the bottom of the stairs are many cogs. If you fall down, you will have to start the game again from the beginning. If you have passed half the way in this game with a series of challenges, near the end the difficulty will become more difficult as you have to flexibly move both above and below to avoid obstacles. Let's explore all the games and give your own review to see which level will be the hardest for you.

Why is Geometry Dash so attractive?

Many players around the world think that this is a really addictive game whose gameplay is extremely simple, mainly relying on the skill of the operator. That's just one side of the problem, on the other hand, the game becomes so attractive thanks to many aspects such as audio and visual experience, many creative levels, many innovative characters, system progress and achievements. If you love attractive skill games, you can join Wheel Draw Master, this game will definitely bring you an entertaining space not inferior to Geometry Dash Lite.

In addition, the game is also played a lot on both computers and phones. On computers, the game can run on all available web browsers without lag. On iOS and Android is no exception, you can download the game and participate in the game easily. Now you can choose to play Geometry Dash Lite anywhere you want. Finally, don't give up but persevere to explore all the levels in this engaging game!