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Introducing the game Tetris Online

Corruption is an extremely fun area takeover game. Start the process of finding key points to invade areas on the map. If you capture many areas, you will win.

Entering the game, you will be able to choose to play with an AI, and you will be given the option to play hard, medium, or easy. You will then be able to choose the map you want to experience. In the game, there are 4 game maps for you to choose from. Completing the selection steps is now the most wonderful moment when you officially enter the game.

Corruption's game rules

When entering the game you will see points designed like artillery heads. Your task is to rotate these cannon heads together to create a link. These links will help you expand your territory but it also brings you concerns. Because opponents can rely on the links you create to take over your territory. Therefore, in the process of creating new links, you also need to be wary of opponents and block links promptly so that opponents do not have a chance to invade your territory. Whoever captures the most territories will win this game.

How to control

The game has very simple controls, you click on points on the map to create directions.