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Discovering 8 Ball Pool Game

8 Ball Pool is a brain game that combines top shooting angles. Join the game with friends or compete with bots to win this game most spectacularly.

When you start the game, you will be able to choose the difficulty level, there are 3 levels: easy, medium, and difficult. If you are too familiar with the game, you can choose medium or easy, but if you are new, choose easy to start learning and experiencing. Your goal in this game is to shoot all the balls you own into the hole to win. To better understand the process that leads to victory, you will have to be the one who knows the rules of the game. So right below will be the content about the rules of the game.

At the beginning of the game, you will have priority to clear the ball, there will be a total of 15 main balls and 1 cue ball. 15 balls will be arranged close together in a triangle shape and you will be the one using the stick and cue ball to clear the ball. If you clear the ball and no ball falls into the hole, you will not be allowed to poke the ball again and this right will be transferred to your opponent. On the contrary, if during the process of clearing the ball the ball enters the hole, you will own balls of the same type. There will be two types of balls: white striped balls and plain balls, you will own one of these two types of balls. Note that you are only allowed to poke balls that belong to you. If you put the wrong ball in the hole, you will lose your turn to poke the ball. In addition, there are rules that you need to remember clearly: you cannot hole the cue ball and the number 8 ball. When you poke the white ball into the hole, you will lose your turn and your opponent will have the right to place the cue ball in an arbitrary position, this is very beneficial for your opponent and disadvantageous for you. On the other hand, when you poke the 8 ball into the hole, you will lose immediately.

The game has fairly easy-to-understand rules, so the level of access to the game is also distributed according to many different ages. No matter what profession you are, you can participate in the game and experience it easily. Start the game and enjoy the exciting entertainment of the 8 Ball Pool game right now!

Game that uses the brain

You can look at the game in a different way when you use your brain in this game because it will increase your chances of winning like never before. Try it and see when you know how to use the angles of each ball and how hard or light the ball is to poke, you will discover many new ways to play. All of these point to one main idea: ball shooting technique. Using your brain to observe and calculate angles combined with the techniques you practice will definitely bring you the best results in this game. If you also love games that use your brain Four In A Row is also an interesting game for you.